Hacked By Kuroi'SH Aka Kuroi. Remember me ? Fuck you, really.

You can't imagine how muslims are powerful
"You can destroy their family, you can kill childrens, you can make them agony, but you can't take their Islam"..
The last words are even false, in addition to help israel, which doesn't exist, the worst form of humanity: the pigs (the americans people and government), is trying to manipulate
every governements and impose their style of life to everyone, even to muslims, they try to take their Islam and they destroy their brothers. It's time to protest, if you are Muslim, your religion is in danger, try to protest and react, try to stay Muslims, we are an Army, USA should never take the control over you
Even prior than israel. You don't think so ? Read the message, Muslim or not, try to protest against them.
They are the voice of this world, they are the guide of the submission, we aren't free because of them.
/!\Message to every muslims in all around the world (if you live in America and if you are Muslim, please hear......)/!\ What is life ? Are we really free ? Freedom; what does that mean ? To born.... ok To go to school, by force..... ok First, you say you don't like that,b but who cares, you are forced like a submissed, you forget later...., everyone forget later... ok You get your diploms... Ok If you don't get them, you finish like a shit, without any diploms, insulted, laughed, etc, whatever... Ok If you have your diploms, you will get married, you will have some kids, you will respect the laws, you will choose a job, you will work, you will fuck, you will sleep, you will say you are free... Ok You will say you are happy, you will not know what happens, because you have a lot of chances to be a fucking stupid english American... 0k So, you will say you are happy because you live in a free country, right ? But, what about the rest of the planet ? What about Africa (yes) Palestine, Yemen, Suriname ? Out in advance, out by the society, out by France, UK, Americans, they have nothing to say, they die... (the society imo)... 0k You are muslim, and you have not the choice, you live in America with fucking englishes... 0k They impose you thier smart style...:"lol k stfu", you are starting to talk like them... 0k You forget about your religion (Allah before all), you become like all of them, you become stupid, you get married, you live your submissed life, ok... Thats thier real style, if this world is like that, thats because of them, they impose all they want... 0k But don't forget, Muslims, don't forget your brothers in Palestine, helped by America.. 0k Don't forget that, this life is maybe not the one you always hoped... 0k Don't forget that by becoming like all of them, like all these Americans you become stupid and submissed...0k USA government even excerces a submission on its people, and because they're stupid, and BECAUSE human is stupid, they believe (the people)... 0k (We're all stupid tbh, not only USA, but fuck these cunts lol).... 0k Never forget about Islam, becoming american is becoming submissed, is becoming out, is becoming destroyed, for all of the victims of these assholes... 0k Never forget, we are your voice, we never forget you, and we will keep struggling for you, for your ideas that you will never exprim... 0k Jerusalem is ours... Muslim Liberation Army is in your mind and will never let you fall... By this message, we are trying to eject the manipulation out of your mind, not for anything else.... DOn't struggle against USA, Struggle against this world... Struggle for a better equality... Struggle for the real freedom.... Struggle for African kids... Struggle against human stupidity... Struggle against the submission that you are actually in... Start by learning hacking, or by becoming better in your art, in your passions... Express your ideas in your arts... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FREEDOM FOR THE GREEN FLAG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... THe real terorists ? The ones which help others to destroy a people without any reason, just because they think like the American government on the submission l0l; the ones who are trying to not only keep this people under submission, but also all this world... Just keep in mind... Never Leave them keep control on you, Muslim brothers... Freedom starts with yourself, we can't really do something for you right now, except by warn you... If we are all proud to be from our country, and proud of this country, even if USA is more rich (not more free), even if it's more easy with english spoken everywhere; and where conditions to struggle are better, thats because we're all glad to don't be a fucking english. Dear Fucking america and fucking englishes Curan is our book and will always be, never try to convert our brothers to your submission !!! We'll hunt you until the end, we'll get rid of your submission together, muslims cyber army is stronger than you. Anyway, I understood, and I hope you also understood, I hope you now know why Muslims hate America, we don't want your freedom (no thanks, absolutely not), we don't want your stupidity (congratulations, well spread), and don't want your submission, fuck sleep and work by force everydays is the same in every countries... So all this world is not free, but it happens because USA, we know it, we want to change it, we want some surprises in our life, we don't want to repeat the same tasks everyday. This system is absolutely not a progress, it makes the life so useless, so OBJECTION,and in 4 words, I will be back. Please God, help us destroying these americans liars and pigs... For finish: ~ The Beginning is Allah, The end is Allah and with the best words... Bismillah ~ We are jerking with your flag.