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State of the City Address by Mayor Gary Brown - Portage

State of the City Address by Mayor Robert Jones - Kalamazoo

Speech on June 17th by Charlotte Sumney, Chairperson of the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners

Click in the "General Questions"section under " RESOURCES " in the index on the left on the name of the person, to visit speeches and viewpoints by Dr. Dahlberg, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Haenike, Dr. Schmotter , Ley Smith, Dr. Light, Dr. McKinney, Dr. Eberts, David Rusk, James O. Gollub, County Chair Charlotte Sumney, Kalamazoo Mayor Robert Jones and the Kalamazoo Master Plan Profile resources, all concerning the future of Kalamazoo.


Welcome to:
Vision Council's
Participating Contributors

The Participating Contributors program is a forum for citizens, participating contributors (“PCs”), organized to provide broader and more effective citizen input into community decision making. Each month the “P.C.s” shall select a Key Question for consideration by the group and contribute their thoughts and opinions on the vital issues facing our community.

We ask each participant to complete a short "P.C." form giving basic information about themselves. One of the Vision Council's most important goals is to include people from all parts of our community. We need this information to determine whether our group is representative.

Requirements for becoming a "P.C." :

  1. Must reside in Kalamazoo County (College and University students welcome).
  2. Minimum age 14.
  3. Completion of the "P.C." form which is available on the Vision Council Web Site or by e-mail or by fax.
  4. AGREE to visit the Vision Council web site at least three times a month in order to: suggest key questions; select key questions for consideration by the group; review comments of others; contribute your own comments and when appropriate vote on the issues.

There is no charge for becoming a Participating Contributor.

Please join the "P.C." Program…



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