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Bob Rowe was born in Battle Creek, Michigan which started his career singing in local clubs and coffee houses, in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Milwaukee, and other cities throughout the United States and Canada.

With a vast repertoire that included folk, country, and popular music Bob began to write his own songs that included many inspirational themes, inspired by artist as diverse as Judy Collins and Joan Baez , and religious and cultural leaders such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Leo Buscaglia and Gary Zukav.

At this time, in the late 1970ís and early 80ís, Bob began to concentrate on performances for "special" groups and audiences, such as the developmentally disabled, visually impaired, and the elderly (whom he had developed a strong interest in from early teens onward ).

This focus in his career resulted in a contract with World Library Publications and later, Resources Publications, and to the formation of Renaissance Enterprises, in 1988, for the purpose of bringing professional artists, artisans, and performers into nursing homes and related care facilities, to enrich the lives of shut-inís and senior citizens.

The oldest of six children, Bobís Catholic heritage and belief in the dignity of human life inspired him  with the utmost commitment to bringing joy and love to the elderly and forgotten and to go beyond the boundaries of pure entertainment. Thus, the mission of Renaissance flourished with support and encouragement from Dr. Buscaglia, Mother Teresa, and many foundations and contributors such as, The Irving S. Gilmore Foundation, The Frederick S. Upton Foundation, The Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation, and many others who believe in the purpose of this special endeavor founded by Bob.

In 1994, Mother Teresa said: "Your work of love in nursing homes, hospitals and for the aged, the neglected and the forgotten is truly the work of peace, for the fruit of love is service and the fruit of service is peace. Works of love like yours bring one face to face with God. Continue to use music to make the presence of God-His love and compassion better known to those in need-His little ones who have forgotten to smile. My prayer is with you in a special way and also with all connected with Renaissance Enterprises".

These words appear on the back of Bobís new CD, "Coming Home Again", which is now available through Heartbeat Records, or directly from Renaissance Enterprises. With this album, produced in Nashville, with some of the finest arrangers and musicians in the world, Bob hopes to raise enough funds to make the mission of Renaissance a viable program for years to come. All proceeds from the sale of this album and the Christmas album, "Christmas Bells", go directly to support the work of love in nursing homes and related care facilities throughout the world.

It has been said by Mother Teresa that the amount of good works done is not quite as important as the amount of Love put into each and every action. If this is true than the work of Renaissance and Bob Rowe is not only unique in the world of commercialism but a light of hope that heals the human heart and fosters the joy of love and peace throughout the world.


Bob & Martha, Administrative Assistant



Time Magazine: "He uses his music as an instrument of healing!"
JUDY COLLINS: "We are all rooting for you and your great career! I salute you for the work you do for those who are suffering and in need!"
MOTHER TERESA: "Your work of love in nursing homes, for the aged, the unwanted and forgotten is truly the work of peace!"
BOB ROWE: "Music and art are a bridge that connects people from all walks of life-breaking down barriers of hatred and creating peace. As we move further into the 21st century the challenge for humanity will be to make spiritual strides that rival the technological progress of the past century-the arts can be a catalyst of hope and change for all generations!"




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