The City's Brownfield Redevelopment Initiative (BRI) ranked the 18 sites. Issues addressed in the ranking process included site accessibility, the nature and degree of environmental contamination and structural conditions, nearby land use, potential for tax base enhancement, marketability and timing. The top five sites chosen for priority redevelopment are the following:

Figure IV-1 Brownfield Sites

 Site 1: Spearflex Block, a 3.5-acre tract located at East Kalamazoo Avenue and North Edwards Street close to the Conrail Railroad.

 Site 2: City Wellfield, a 17.1-acre tract located on East Kilgore Road near its intersection with Sprinkle Road.

 Site 3: Schippers Crossing, a 227-acre tract located at East Michigan and Nazareth Roads.

 Site 6: Fisher-Graff, a 1.65-acre tract located two blocks from the Willard/Walbridge Gateway at Porter and North Streets.

 Site 9: Willard/Walbridge, Gateway, a 1.18-acre tract located on those streets at the terminus of Gull Road.

 Five other sites received lower development priority and will be dealt with at a later date or once development interest is expressed in them.

 Site 4: Northwest Unit (state facility on Blakeslee Street)

 Site 5: Parcels of land at N. Westnedge & W. North Street

 Site 7: Former Consumers Power site (East Michigan Avenue at the Kalamazoo River)

 Site 8: Former Auto Ion & other parcels near Mills Street & O'Neill Street

 Site 10: Panelyte site (Burdick Street at Alcott)

Among the five priority sites, a preliminary market analysis was prepared for Schippers Crossing. It forecasts demand for three types of land uses. Some 190 residential units could be absorbed at the site between 1999 and 2008, or 21 units per year, if the site is cleaned to residential standards at no cost to its future occupants. Light industrial demand will reach 143,000 square feet in five to 10 years. A nine-hole pitch-and-putt golf course and a practice driving range are also recommended.

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