1. Passenger Movement

 AMTRAK provides train service for east-west travel between Chicago and Toronto. The train station is situated north of Kalamazoo Avenue, between Rose and Burdick Streets. There is a proposal for an intermodal center just south of the station to combine all services (bus, rail). AMTRAK's domestic routes provide service between Chicago and Pontiac, stopping at Kalamazoo with a number of other stops. There are five train routes running from Chicago to Kalamazoo in both directions throughout the week, all with interim stops in between. Three routes serve Kalamazoo and Port Huron with stops along the way. In the reverse direction, two routes are available with stops in between. There are two daily routes from Kalamazoo to Pontiac in both directions with intermediate stops.

AMTRAK's international routes provide Kalamazoo with service to Chicago, Port Huron, and Toronto. Three routes depart from Chicago, stop at Kalamazoo and then continue on to Port Huron.

2. Freight Movement

Conrail operates two railroad tracks running north-south and east-west through the City, hauling freight between Detroit and Indiana. It also maintains a switching yard in the industrial area between Portage Street and Sprinkle Road.

Grand Trunk/Canadian National North America operate two rail lines which serve Kalamazoo from the southwest, with continued service through Battle Creek and onto Detroit and Canada. A main line connects at the southern urban area which runs into Battle Creek. Grand Trunk also maintains a switching yard near the central eastern urban area near Sprinkle Road.

All active passenger and freight rail lines are shown in Figure VII-7.

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