The Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport, located on Portage Road south of I-94 in the east central urban area provides both commercial and general aviation services to the metropolitan and southwestern Michigan areas. The airport facilities are owned and operated by Kalamazoo County. Besides commercial passenger services, these facilities also support other services including instructional flight schools, corporate aircraft facilities, flying clubs, the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, military operations and charter and air ambulance services.

The airport is accessible by major transportation corridors linking to Portage Road from I-94, Kilgore Road, Milham Avenue and Centre Avenue. Intermodal services linking to the facility include Metro Transit, Care-A-Van, several taxi companies, limousine service and a variety of other specialized transportation providers.

From a study conducted in 1996 by Kalamazoo County, capital improvement recommendations and operational needs were identified as part of the Airport Master Plan, to accommodate projected growth over the plan period. Proposed airport development activities include improvements to the airfield, airport terminal, and general aviation facilities. Funding sources for these projects will be provided, based on eligibility, by the Federal Aviation Administration, the Michigan Department of Transportation, and local governments. Transportation improve-ment projects have been identified on the following three major routes of access to the airport:

  • Kilgore, Lovers Lane to Kilgore By-Pass
  • Milham Avenue, Lovers Lane to Portage Road
  • Romence Road Parkway Extension, Lovers Lane to Portage Road.

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