Within the City of Kalamazoo there are many known sites of environmental contamination. There are three sites on the National Priorities List (NPL), which is more commonly called Superfund. These sites include the Auto Ion site, which has cyanide and chromium listed as pollutants; the Michigan Disposal (Cork Street Landfill) site, which has arsenic and benzene listed as pollutants; and the Portage Creek/Kalamazoo River site, which has PCBs and mercury listed as pollutants.

There are eight sites on the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Information System (CERCLIS). This is the listing which is used by the EPA to determine which sites are included in the Superfund. Of the eight Kalamazoo sites on this listing three are the Superfund sites previously mentioned.

There are 33 Act 307 (Michigan Environmental Response Act) sites in Kalamazoo. These sites are considered to be in the State Superfund listing. Of the 33 sites, seven are also on the CERCLIS listing and three are on the Federal Superfund listing. There have also been 59 Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST sites) reported in Kalamazoo (Figure VIII-5). These are usually associated with gas and petroleum tanks. For a listing of known environmental contaminated sites, see Appendix A.

Figure VIII-5

In addition to known environmental contaminated sites there are hundreds of sites which handle hazardous materials. While many of theses sites have no contamination there is the potential for the release of pollutants which could effect conditions such as ground water quality. For a listing of businesses handling hazardous material, see Appendix B.

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