Topical meetings covering community form, livability, mobility and infrastructure, and marketplace issues were held to rank various issues associated with each of these areas. Appendix B shows how each issue was ranked.

Community Form: The initiation of site plan review received the highest ranking followed by incorporation of lower density land use and zoning recommendations of neighborhood plans into the comprehensive plan and review of current zoning for proper land use designations.

When similar issues are combined, revision of the zoning ordinance text and zoning ordinance map would have top billing. Incorporating neighborhood plans into the comprehensive plan would have the next highest rating.

Livability: Similar issues were combined for the scoring of priorities. The protection of open space was ranked the highest priority. The need for essential retail, commercial, and recreation uses for each neighborhood had second priority. Improved integration of the universities into the community ranked third.

Mobility/Infrastructure: The provision of increased funding for street maintenance ranked first for the combination of similar issues. The enhancement of non-motorized transportation had second priority. There was a tie for third place between wellhead protection and suitable truck routing.

Marketplace: Use intergovernmental cooperation to promote economic development and providing an entertainment district in the CBD tied for the highest ranking. Providing clusters of shops and facilities which cater to students ranked third.

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