Kalamazoo's water reclamation plant treats waste water for the City of Kalamazoo and for many of the surrounding areas. The plant receives wastewater from the Cities of Galesburg, Parchment, and Portage, the Villages of Augusta, Vicksburg, Schoolcraft, and of Richland, Alamo, Charleston, Comstock, Brady, Schoolcraft, Cooper, Kalamazoo, Oshtemo, Pavilion, Richland, Ross, Texas, Barry, and Prairieville Townships (Figure VIII-1).

The wastewater treatment plant is located on the west bank of the Kalamazoo River in the north central part of Kalamazoo. The plant uses powdered activated carbon treatment (PACT) to treat wastewater. The treatment plant was updated with this advanced system in the 1980's. The plant has a design capacity of 55.3 million gallons per day (MGD) and currently runs at an average of 32 MGD.

Within the City's wastewater collection system there are a few problems areas (Figures VIII-1 and VIII-2). According to the 1990 Wastewater Master Plan, there were 150,000 lineal feet of sewer with root problems, 50,000 feet considered severe and 100,000 feet considered minor. The City has a policy of using video every three years to monitor root control problems in sewer pipes. Ways of eliminating roots include cutting, herbicide, grouting, and relining pipes. Roots can cause problems in sewer systems by allowing infiltration and inflow (I/I). Infiltration is when groundwater enters sanitary sewers and inflow is when surface or stormwater enters sanitary sewers. Known I/I problem areas in the City of Kalamazoo include the Arcadia Creek Trunk Sewer, the Southwest Interceptor, the Spring Valley Interceptor, the sewers tributary to the Burke Court Pump Station, the sewers tributary to the Park Street Pump Station, the sewers tributary to the Vandersalm Court Pump Station, and the sewers tributary to the Deep Point West and the Francis Court Lift Stations.

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