List of Figures

I-1 Location Map I-2
I-2 Detailed Location Map I-3
II-1 Census Tracts, Neighborhoods and Travel Analysis Zones II-17
III-1 Major Employers III-7
IV-1 Brownfield Sites IV-3
V-1 Housing Conditions V-9
VI-1 Existing Land Use VI-8
VI-2a Existing Zoning VI-15
VI-2b Existing Zoning (Blowup of Downtown) VI-16
VI-3 Major Commercial Centers VI-21
VII-1 Roadway Functional Classification VII-2
VII-2 Signalized Intersections VII-11
VII-3 Existing and Projected Traffic Volumes VII-13
VII-4 Funded Roadway Improvements VII-19
VII-5 Metro Transit Routes VII-26
VII-6 Existing Bikeway Plan VII-30
VII-7 Bikeways and Rail Lines VII-31
VIII-1 Wastewater Service Area VIII-2
VIII-2 Sanitary Sewer and Public Water Facilities VIII-3
VIII-3 Water Service Area VIII-5
VIII-4 Service Pressure Districts VIII-6
VIII-5 Known Contaminated Sites VIII-8
IX-1 Jurisdictions IX-2
IX-2 Census Tracts IX-15
IX-3 Existing Park and Recreation Facilities IX-22
IX-4 Regional Recreational Facilities IX-26
IX-5 City of Kalamazoo Operational Plan IX-37
IX-6 Recreation, Leisure and Cultural Services Organizational Chart IX-38
X-1 Community Facilities X-2
X-2 Bronson Campus Development Plan X-10
XI-1 Wetland and Surface Water XI-8
XI-2 Open Spaces and Woodlands XI-11
XI-3a Historical Sites XI-15
XI-3b Historical Sites - Downtown Blowup XI-16
XI-4 Locations of Gateway Corridors and Important Viewsheds XI-22

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