List of Tables

II-1 Summary of Existing and Projected Population and Housing
II-2 General Population and Social Characteristics of Kalamazoo City
II-3 General Population and Social Characteristics of Kalamazoo County 
II-4 1990 Population Age Distribution Kalamazoo County and the City
II-5 Housing Affordability in Kalamazoo City, 1990 
II-6 Population 
II-7 Racial Composition
II-8 Education Attainment
II-9 Median Household Income
II-10 Poverty Rate Comparisons
II-11 Housing Characteristics 
II-12 Summary Population Table Kalamazoo County
II-13 Summary Population Table Kalamazoo City
III-1 Employment by Work Place Kalamazoo County
III-2 Manufacturing Establishments
III-3 Retail Establishments
III-4 Services Establishments
III-5 Kalamazoo County Top Employers
III-6 Labor Force Characteristics Kalamazoo City
III-7 Unemployment Rates
III-8 Existing and Projected Employment 
III-9 Employment Forecast Kalamazoo County 
III-10 Detail Nonfarm Private Employment Kalamazoo County 
III-11 Non-Farm Earnings (Billions Current Dollars) Kalamazoo County 
III-12 Occupational Forecast: Kalamazoo County
III-13 Employment Forecast Kalamazoo City
III-14 Non-Farm Earnings (Billions of Current Dollars) Kalamazoo City
III-15 Selected Real Property State Equalized Value, Selected Jurisdictions, 1970-1996
III-16 Real Property State Equalized Value, Kalamazoo City, 1995-2015
V-1 City of Kalamazoo - Comprehensive Plan Housing Data by Census Tract 
V-2 Building Permit Activity New Private Housing
VI-1 Land Use Classes
VI-2 Past and Present Land Use
VI-3 Retail Centers of Kalamazoo
VI-4 Projected Land Use Demand to the Year 2015
VII-1 Existing Thoroughfare Segment Characteristics
VII-2 Traffic County History
VII-3 Street Classification Criteria and Cross-Section Standards
VII-4 Transit Sources of Revenue
VII-5 Kalamazoo Metro Transit Route System Characteristics

VIII-1 History of Water Usage
IX-1 Total Population
IX-2 Gender
IX-3 Population Age Structure: City of Kalamazoo
IX-4 Racial and Ethnic Composition City of Kalamazoo
IX-5 Occupational Status, City of Kalamazoo
IX-6 Housing Units and Occupancy, City of Kalamazoo
IX-7 Number of Households and Low to Moderate Income Levels by Census Tract
IX-8 Poverty Data, City of Kalamazoo
IX-9 Disability of Civilian Noninstitutionalized Persons, City of Kalamazoo
IX-10 Kalamazoo Recreation Facilities 
IX-11 Existing Regional Parks and Recreation Facilities, City of Kalamazoo 
IX-12 Recreation, Leisure and Cultural Services Calendar Schedule 
IX-13 Youth and After School Programs 
IX-14 Summer Programs 
IX-15 Teen Programs 
IX-16 Disabled Persons Programs
IX-17 Recreation, Leisure and Cultural Services 1995 Amended Budget 
IX-18 Recreation Facilities Evaluation 
IX-19 Comparison to Accepted Standards
IX-20 Analysis of Existing Facilities
X-1 Community Facilities 
X-2 Nursing Homes 
XI-1 Michigan Natural Features Inventory 
XI-2 Historic Sites 

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