The City of Kalamazoo Comprehensive Plan Update consists of five volumes:

  • "Community Profile" Report;
  • "Goals" Report;
  • "Alternatives" Report;
  • "Recommendations" Report; and
  • "Master Plan."

This "Community Profile" of the City of Kalamazoo Comprehensive Plan Update documents the comprehensive surveys and studies of current conditions and probable future growth within the City of Kalamazoo, Michigan. This report evaluates the City's present state and how it got there. This first background document serves as the foundation for the subsequent "Master Plan" report of the City of Kalamazoo Comprehensive Plan Update.

The first chapter of the "Community Profile" Report provides an overview of the comprehensive planning process and historical development of the City of Kalamazoo . The second and third chapters describe existing and projected demographic and economic conditions in the City. Chapter IV: Brown Space Redevelopment describes the present effort to redevelop older industrial areas. The next chapter covers existing housing conditions and projected housing needs. Chapter VI describes the existing land use pattern and projected land use needs. Chapters VII and VIII define the transportation system and the utility infrastructure that support the city's development pattern. Chapter IX reviews the adequacy of existing park and recreation facilities, and defines future needs. Chapter X overviews the community facilities that address the needs of residents of the City of Kalamazoo. Also contributing to the quality of life in City of Kalamazoo are the natural and manmade features documented in Chapter XI. Intergovernmental coordination efforts are described in Chapter XII, and the last chapter summarizes the development issues facing the City of Kalamazoo from the perspective of its residents.

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