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On January 8, 1996 the Vision Council (based in Kalamazoo, Mi.) was incorporated as a non-profit organization that is moving toward becoming a 501-C3 organization which can receive contributions and deal with other 501-C3s in providing services(VC Inc). "The Vision Council is an all inclusive group of citizens dedicated to contributing ideas for building a World Class community"(VC Inc). The Council hopes to connect participating citizens with governmental officials and other community decision makers. By using privately owned, and/or publicly provided computers, the Council intends to build a local electronic network which will provide an effective and efficient two way means of dialogue, discussion and continuous communication(VC Inc). The end result will serve as a town assembly hall, if you will. The variety of individual interests, ideas and concerns will be brought together under one roof, only this roof is not designed to be supported simply by the elite pillars of the community, nor will this roof exclude any willing citizens. The potential electronic capacity of the Vision Council membership is boundless.

     The fundamental goal of the Vision Council is to empower the community as a whole. Considering the traditional levels of political apathy in this country, it is not hard to recognize the problem of community empowerment as one of the major challenges to the study and process of political science. The Vision Council is designed to combat passiveness and indifference by strengthening the voice of its membership. The Council will link citizens to the decision makers before the decisions are made, including those citizens unable, unwilling, too busy, or perhaps too shy to come to and speak at a commission meeting, or otherwise communicate with governmental officials(VC Inc). Each participating citizen will be assigned a confidential identification number which will assure all members equal exposure of their ideas, concerns and suggestions. Members will have the ability to contribute their thoughts and ideas about any issue to the entire membership. The information gained from electronic communications will be organized into subject areas for easy access and analysis. Council members must also agree to answer major questions posed by such groups as the City Commission, though communication is in no way limited to these questions. The focused questions will create a compelling source of information for governmental decision makers, build a consensus on major community issues, energize political action and unite the community(VC Inc). However, the Vision Council is not designed to become simply a one way source of persuasion. It is hoped that the Council will also serve as a means for public officials to explain and defend their decisions and actions to a broad base of citizens.

     The Vision Council is dynamic. There are no political ramparts to climb, nor rigid guidelines to cross; no moneyed interests involved, nor hidden agendas to deal with. The Vision Council has the power to move and change with the needs of the community. That alone is its purpose. This project has the potential to become the Forum for a more pluralistic society with the ability to reach many levels the community.

     Not only is the Council a champion of political community empowerment, it is the vehicle that will enable neighborhood groups and other community organizations to effectively communicate on a two way basis(VC INC). Groups affiliated with the Vision Council membership may communicate exclusively with their perspective members, or with the Vision Council membership as a whole. Local community organizations ranging from "The Forum for Kalamazoo County" to the "PTA" will have an opportunity to access this innovative communications tool. The Vision Council is driving toward genuine community empowerment and pledges to give any and all willing individuals and community organizations a lift.

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