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Discourse on the Vision Council-----Joshua Mark Woods--1996

If there is a country in the world where one can hope to appreciate his freedom of choice; where one can step into his vehicle of "will" which is fueled by his right to ensure its application; where one can push for the acceleration of change, or stop change all together; that country is America. However, it is important not to forget how this great country was established and realize the short comings of its ideal. "We the People," and "the will of the nation" are fragments of two ideal phases generally abused and misunderstood. The following essay will serve as an analysis, and thought experiment dealing with the actual and potential power of "the people" over the political process.   

The Main Objective

The Vision Council Organization will operate as the focal point for this analysis. The first goal of this analysis is to come to a clear understanding of what the Vision Council is, namely, the possible impact the Council may have: how the Council could effect the urban environment, and change parts of the political process as a whole. The second aim of this analysis is to critically measure the value of such changes.

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