A task force comprised of City staff from various divisions was formed to complete the initial data collection necessary to identify brownfield sites. The task force collected data on approximately 30 sites. Of these sites, 18 were selected as potential sites by a technical committee made up of environmental experts, an economist, a private developer, a banker, planning redevelopment specialists, and economic development practitioners. Figure IV-1 shows the location of the 18 potential sites. The following is a list of the 18 sites selected by the technical committee (listed according to the map key number of Figure IV-1):

 Site 1: Spearflex site (E. Kalamazoo at Pitcher)

 Site 2: City well field (E. Kilgore at Sprinkle)

 Site 3: Eastside Solids site (E. Michigan at Nazareth)

 Site 4: State Hospital NW Unit site (Blakeslee at Prairie)

 Site 5: Vacant parcels (N. Westnedge at North)

 Site 6: Fisher-Graff site (Porter at North)

 Site 7: Consumers Power site (E. Michigan at Kalamazoo River)

 Site 8: Auto Ion site (Mills at O'Neil)

 Site 9: Vacant parcels (E. Willard at Walbridge)

 Site 10: Panelyte site (S. Burdick at Inkster)

 Site 11: Vacant parcels (Northside Redevelopment Area)

 Site 12: Vacant parcels (Caves Ct. at Gull)

 Site 13: Gas Station site (Portage at Jackson)

 Site 14: SER Plating Company site (Portage at Fulton)

 Site 15: Vacant parcel (E. Water at Railroad)

 Site 16: Vacant parcels (Race at Bryant)

 Site 17: Vacant parcels (S. Rose at Reed)

 Site 18: Vacant parcels (E. Michigan at Railroad)

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